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On their arrival at the savannah of Bogota, and after passing through several villages, the Spaniards found an indian settlement at the foot of the Eastern hills. There, at the place presently known as “Chorro de Quevedo”, on the 6th of August, 1538, the first Mass was held in a small thatched church surrounded by 12 huts, and the town called Santa Fe was founded.



This place was well suited for the establishment of the city: it was surrounded by two rivers (the San Francisco river, which can still be seen crossing “La Candelaria” through Jiménez Avenue framing the present environmental axis, and the San Agustín river).  

The events and demonstrations of the independence process took place at the present “La Candelaria” district. The constructions have remained as historical legacy, and after a recovery process of the historical “Candelaria”, they are city heritage.  

We can visit houses that have been adapted as museums, walk by the cobbled streets , visit the churches, tour the small squares and admire the harmony of the different construction styles. 

“La Candelaria” also lodged the social gatherings that allowed Bogotanians to share their literary and political ideas and to attend cultural acts that included musical presentations and drama plays which are still performed in our days. 

The Cristóbal Colón Theater, where theater and opera plays, zarzuelas and musical revues are performed, is located in “La Candelaria” district. 

There are several colonial time emblematic constructions such as the “Casa de la Moneda” (Coining House),where gold and silver coins with the efigie of the monarch were coined, and where the Numismatist Museum lodges at present; the “Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario”, where Jose Celestino Mutis held the Natural Science chair with special emphasis on Botany; The “San Carlos” Palace, which was the presidential house of the liberator Simón Bolívar, who scaped trought one of its windows, the tragic night of September 1828, when Manuelita Sáenz warned him of a group of conspirators that intended to assassinate him; and many other legend laden houses and palaces. 

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