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Some of the most culturally and historically representative religious buildings are located in the historical center of Bogota.  

On the tour to the religious buildings of the capital, the main Colombian Cathedral, which was declared a national monument and which is located on the Eastern flank of the Bolivar Square, should not be forgotten.

The history of this architectural work goes back to the year 1538, when a modest construction that became a church was built for the foundation of Bogotá. Fray Domingo de las Casas celebrated the first Mass there.



As time went by, it was neccesary to build a brick and mud construction, but it wasn`t solid enough and it collapsed before its inauguration. 

In 1572, another church started to be built at the same place with the collaboration of the devotees, but due to the deterioration that it suffered after some earthquakes, it had to be partially demolished. 

Fray Domingo Petrés, an outstanding architect renowned for his neoclassic works, was assigned to complete the construction. 

The Cathedral, which presently has a high altar and ten chapels, was rebuilt in 1992. 

The Chapel of the Tabernacle is located in the Southern part of the Cathedral.It is a construction with Baroque facade, whose interior is decorated by well preserved Mudejar architecture, and where an important collection of paintings by the well-known artist Gregorio Vásquez can be found.  

The San Ignacio church, wich dates from 1610, is only one block away from the Bolivar Square. Its design was based on the church of Jesú in Rome. It is characterized by its Baroque altars and its Renaissance dome.  

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