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In order to start explaining our readers the real meaning of Receptive Tourism in Bogotá, and the services and options that Bogotá is providing to foreign visitors. We could say that Bogotá has been well known for its academic institutions for more than 200 years. Receptive Tourism in Bogotá offers  a great number of museums, shopping malls, amusement parks, historic places, city parks, cultural activities, etc… 

Receptive Tourism in Bogotá has increased in recent years, due to a huge promotion of the city through advertising campaigns that encourage both residents and visitors to know more about the attractions provided by the city.


Receptive Tourism in Bogotá is very well developed, also offering visitors an extremely varied set of options. It is necessary to remark the importance of cultural activities and high level events that take place along the year, which attract business men  and visitors from all corners of the world. 

The various different environments of Bogotá allow to organize several types of tourist tours, providing offers to satisfy all interests: Urban tourism, shopping, eco-tourism,  religious tourism,  adventure tourism,  theme park tourism, among others.

Receptive tourism in Bogotá is for this reason not only based on fun and rest but also based on culture and knowledge. Tourists arriving in Bogotá, due to references from relatives or friends, always find a metropolis that is plenty of very kind residents, with a very representative architecture both modern and historical, with a wide variety of possibilities during their tours in the city. 

Bogotá possesses a rich and varied gastronomy.  There are several restaurants, specialized in typical or international cuisine, with very affordable prices and able to Satisfy any visitor’s taste. 

Statistics show a big increase in foreign visitors,  receptive tourism, to Bogotá,  in part due to a very successful safety plan introduced by the government, inside the cities and along all major and secondary highways in the country. 

Other statistical figures also show the growing interest of  visitors in the specialized fairs that take place throughout the year in Corferias, and in the many events that are organized by the Bogotá’s City Hall. Among others, festivals at the parks have been extremely successful. 

Hansa Tours has got in recent years a very good position in the field of receptive tourism, due to its wide experience and knowledge about it in Bogotá. We provide several alternatives that enable all tourists to organize a personalized touring of the city, getting to know Bogotá’s history and patrimony, as well.


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