THE GOLD MUSEUM - The most important collection of gold art works in the world.



Bogota, Colombia


The most important collection of gold art works in the world.  35.000 pieces on solid gold prove it. Most of them are currently exhibited in the Gold Museum, in Bogota, the rest are kept in a huge safe deposit of the same museum.



Our tour of Bogotá’s center continues now; it is somewhat late in the afternoon; so, we skip some places and go to The Gold Museum of Bogotá (Museo del Oro). It is located in front of a park, Santander Park, close to the Bank of the Republic.

The Gold Museum owns a great collection of pre-Colombian gold work, consisting on more than 35000 art works from the different native cultures that inhabited Colombia.

At the first floor of The Gold Museum, we were instructed about the geography and history of the cultures that created all the art pieces exhibited in the museum.




We were given a brief explanation about all of the artistic procedures, the techniques involved,  the different methods of working gold, etc… All explicative texts were written in English and Spanish; there are some guided visits during the day.

Among the many objects that are exhibited at The Gold Museum, some should be quite specially considered:

The "Poporos" of the Quimbaya Culture, pectorals, tops, anthropomorphic figures etc

It is really a big emotional experience to see so many objects, not only made on gold, tumbaga (an alloy of gold and copper), but also on ceramics.

Some of these were intended for daily life use, many others were used in religious and high level ceremonies. 

Some ceramics exhibited in the Gold museum represent Chiefs (Caciques) and Priests; all the pieces give clear clues and indications about social hierarchies and differences, social organization, commercial activities, working tools, etc.  


They were really well organized and always prevented times of scarcity.|There is a section at The Gold Museum devoted to a clear didactic explanation of the legend of El Dorado in Guatavita, and about the most impressive and representative gold works that have been found in the lake in which the rituals of the Muiscas and their Caciques took place. 

The Gold Museum is relatively new, when compared to other museums of the zone; it was inaugurated 68 years ago, in 1939; it owns one of the most important collections of precious  metal art works in the world. It has carried out exchange programs with museums all over the world. Colombian pre-Hispanic gold work is considered one of the wonders of the ancient America. 

In recent years, The Gold Museum experienced a big process of remodeling, being also put up to date and enlarged. During this visit, we were already able to see the new exhibition rooms and their exhibits. 

I am very happy to see that Hansa Tours includes in its programs the visit to such an exciting place, fully representative for all humankind. Because of this, it was declared National Patrimony of Colombia.


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