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Touring La Candelaria really means getting in contact with Bogotá’s History. Bogotá is permanently growing and transforming, but always keeping its cultural and architectonic legacy. For this reason, La Candelaria is considered the historic center of Colombia, because its buildings, built in colonial or republican times of Colombian history, were witnesses of the most important events that created and shaped The Republic of Colombia.

Neighbourhood of La Candelaria


At the very heart of the city, around Bolivar Square, we can see some of the most representative buildings in La Candelaria:  Colombian Capitol  (Congress headquarters), The Primate Cathedral, The new Palace of Justice, The Bogotá City Hall (Lievano Palace), The Colegio Mayor de San Bartolomé (the oldest of its kind in América), and The July 20th Museum-House.  

During a walk along the stone-paved streets of La Candelaria, you can also see The old balconies and facades, and the ancient street nomenclature. 

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La Candelaria also houses an important number of cultural and educational institutions, in permanent activity, and some other tourist attractions which are really a must for any visitor of Bogotá. In La Candelaria, you can find fine hotels and restaurants, which provide the best Colombian typical cuisine; also, you can attend various cultural events, admire beautiful buildings that go back to colonial times, keeping their architectural value intact, after the many years and events that have taken place there. 

Simply looking upwards, you can see the majestic Monserrate mountain, without any doubt, the most representative symbol of the Colombian capital. It is located right at the eastern boundaries of La Candelaria.

One of the most important avenues of the city is born in La Candelaria, The Jiménez Avenue, named after the founder of Bogotá, Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada. There are also in La Candelaria representative religious constructions, plenty of historical and architectural significance, such as The Primate Cathedral,  The Chapel of the Sacrarium, The San Francisco Church, The Veracruz Church, and La Tercera Church. 

Cultural life in La Candelaria is intense: Its streets, big and small squares hold all kinds of artistic events throughout the year, along with all expressions of popular tradition and culture, organized by bohemians, university students and common citizens, as well. All of them value and appreciate the fact of being able to enjoy the wonders offered by La Candelaria.

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